What's Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is a very efficient seed planting method that sprays a combination of seeds, mulch, water, fertilizer- and usually a green dye - from tanks that cover large areas of land. This both helps to prevent soil erosion while also promoting the growth of the grass itself.

Hydroseeding vs Sod

  • The cost to hydroseed is a fraction of the cost to lay sod.

  • A hydroseeded lawn requires less water than a sodded lawn

  • When sod is harvested the roots are cut short and sometimes a sod job can fail.

  • The labor involved with hydroseeding is far less.

  • Sod needs to be installed properly. Poorly done sod can fail

Hydroseeding vs Broadcasting (Dry Seeding)

  • Hydroseeding is a one step process that reduces labor costs.

  • Straw has weed seed in it and hydroseed does not.

  • Straw can blow off or clump and needs to be raked off once the lawn is established

  • Hydroseeding is considered a premium way to seed but costs less than dry seeding.