How much does hydroseeding typically cost?

Jobs are priced on flat rate of $350 for our truck to come out. This truck will come equipped with enough material to cover ~650 sq ft of lawn. For jobs larger than 650 sq ft we typically charge an average of $3500/acre and will need access to water on-site in order to mix more hydroseeding spray.

How long would it take to hydroseed my yard?

One of our Turbo Turf hydroseeding tanks cover ~650 sq ft in an average time of 5-10 minutes. For larger jobs, much of the time spent is based on tank refill time.

Can you Hydroseed anywhere?

Almost! Our Turbo Turf hydroseeding machine is skid mounted in the back of a standard pick-up truck. As long as our truck and hose can reach the area that you'd like sprayed, we can probably get grass growing there.

I have a very large lawn - would I be a good fit?

Prudence Consulting is happy to take a look at jobs of any size, however on jobs > 5 acres we would recommend that you use a larger local hydroseeding company. Prudence Consulting LLC specializes in residential hydroseeding.